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Nearly Married Wedding List Service
Nearly Married: Wedding Gift List Service
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Nearly Married Free Wedding Websites - the ultimate wedding accessory!

Wedding Websites - the ultimate wedding accessory!

Wedding websites are becoming the ultimate wedding accessory because they're a great way to share the details of the big day.Couples don't have to be technical gurus to set up a website and - best of all - they can be available for free!

A basic wedding website will normally include the all-important details such as the names of the couple, their wedding date, time and place as well and other helpful information for guests such as directions, transport, accommodation options and maps.

But most couples like to personalise their websites and often include photos of themselves and perhaps members of the bridal party, photos of the venue, honeymoon info, stories about how they met (which could be two different versions!), hen and stag night information and details of any extra social events before or after the big day. Couples will also sometimes provide links to online photo albums so that their guests can look at the wedding or honeymoon photos.

Another popular use of wedding websites is to ask guests for extra things such as photos or stories which could be used in speeches, any special requests for the DJ or anything else which might not be mentioned in a formal wedding invitation.

And wedding websites are a great place to include information about the gift list, particularly if couples are not comfortable about sending gift list information with their wedding invitations. Telling guests about a wedding website is a discrete way of pointing them to a source of information about the wedding without actually giving them the information directly. It is also a great place to give guests some background info about the gift list, especially if the couples are looking for money (towards something special or the honeymoon) or if they want to stress to guests that they do not need to buy a wedding gift.

For couples wanting to set up a wedding website they can build it themselves from scratch, pay a wedding website designer or buy a wedding website online.

Nearly Married is a popular wedding gift list service which provides a free wedding website to all couples who register, free of charge, at The couple's wedding website is automatically created as soon as they register and they can start adding details straight away. The pre-formatted templates make it easy to add info and pictures with up to 10 pages - all with pictures - available free of charge. There are also password protection options to keep all, or some, important details private. A direct URL to the couples wedding website is also available. So couples don't need to worry about registering a domain name, building a website from scratch, hosting or backing up information as it is all done for them.

Wedding planning tools are also provided free of charge by Nearly Married. For example, there's a handy guest list tool which enables couples to maintain their guest list online and update each guest's record once they've replied to their invitation. And there's a convenient 'Thank You' card management tool for logging which cards have been sent.

By combining a wedding website with a gift list service it's easy for guests to find everything they need in one place.


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