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Nearly Married Wedding List Service
Nearly Married: Wedding Gift List Service
Nearly Married Gift Lists and Honeymoon Gift Lists

Our Wedding Gift List Service

At Nearly Married our aim is to let you create a wedding gift list which is as unique as you are. Nearly Married offers a flexible and feature-rich gift list service which means that it's easy for you to create - and manage - your wedding gift list.

You can pick the perfect gifts for your gift list, but you can also manage your plans, guests and budget and showcase your wedding on your own free wedding website at Nearly Married. So now it's easy for your guests to go directly to your website at where they will find not only your gift list but your wedding website with details about your big day.

Click on the link to view some examples of what your free wedding website pages could look like.

You can find out more about different types of gifts lists work (such as honeymoon lists, charity gift lists or money gift lists.)

Registering with Nearly Married is free and without obligation. To register with us and see your wedding website instantly click here.

Wedding Gift List Service

  • you can have a honeymoon list, money list, charity list - or a mix of them all!
  • set up a honeymoon list which can help to pay for the cost of your honeymoon or provide spending money
  • let your guests make a financial contribution instead of buying a traditional gift
  • inject some humour to your gift list by giving them the option to buy an outrageous gift such as a posh yacht, a space excursion or a private island (but don't worry, they won't really be able to buy it!)
  • no set-up fees
  • flexible fee options - you can decide if the surcharge for gifts of money is deducted from your funds, paid by your guests, or split between you
  • set up and manage your gift list online in your own time at your own place
  • publicise your gift list whenever you want - you're no longer restricted to opening it a few weeks before your wedding. And you can even choose the date when you want your gift list to go live
  • free invitation insert cards to tell your guests about your gift list
  • highlight which gifts are your favourites so that your guests can give you your top gifts!
  • guests can leave personal messages for you with their gift purchase
  • all major credit / debit cards accepted - with no additional credit card surcharges applied
  • do you want to know every time a guest purchases a wedding gift? It's up to you. You will automatically receive an email to let you know about every gift purchase and any personal message which has been left - but you can turn this off if you would prefer to be surprised!
  • do you want to know the value of your list? You can view up-to-date totals whenever you want! You can find out the value of purchased gifts or the value of gifts which have not been purchased yet.

Free wedding website

  • Your own website will be automatically created from the information which you provide. So it's an innovative way to integrate your gift list with your own wedding website for your guests to see.
  • make your website as unique as you are by adding your own pages and photos.
  • provide the all-important details for your guests including information about your gift list, wedding, engagement party, hen night, stag night and honeymoon.
  • your free wedding website has its own direct URL so that guests can go directly to your website.
  • click here for some examples of what our website pages look like

Free Wedding Planning Tools

  • Guest List Management - manage your guest list easily and securely
  • Give your bridal party access to your planning information - if you want! Now helpful mothers can keep on top of your wedding plans without even having to ask you!
  • Wedding Planning Shop. Find books, CDs and info to get your wedding just right.
  • Wedding Planning Tools. In our "General Wedding Planning Info" section you'll find lots of info including a budget planner, To Do lists for the months before and after your wedding, checklists to remind you what to ask potential suppliers - and more!
  • Free wedding handbook available for you to download
  • All the important details about your big day are stored securely by Nearly Married and you can access them wherever you have access to the web.
  • don't worry about backing up all your info - it's automatically done for you!
  • you'll receive our 12 month countdown to your wedding. Every month we'll email you with helpful info and a quick reminder of things "To Do" which means you can relax knowing that you've not forgotten anything.

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wedding gift lists as unique as you are!

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