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Nearly Married Wedding List Service
Nearly Married: Wedding Gift List Service
Nearly Married Gift Lists and Honeymoon Gift Lists

Setting up your wedding gift list

This page is designed to help you when you start to put your gift list together. More information about Gift Lists can be found in our Gift List FAQ for Couples

Getting Started

Once you've registered with Nearly Married you can start setting up your Gift List right away. All you need to start setting up your gift list is access to the internet. Browse our online catalogue of exciting gifts and add whatever takes your fancy to your list. At this stage it's better to add lots of things which you like then edit the list later.

To get started, log in to your wedding and select "Wedding Gift List" which is at the top of the left-hand menu. From here you can browse through our online catalogue of wedding gifts. Simply click on a category on the right-hand menu to expand it and view gifts.

And as soon as you start adding gifts to your gift list, your gift list will automatically show up on your website. So your gift list goes "live" as soon as you have added gifts to it - and have told your guests that it's at Nearly Married.

If you want to tell your friends and family about your website at Nearly Married but you don't want them to be able to access your gift list yet, you can set a date on which your gift list will be available. You'll find this option within ''edit gift list settings'.

How does a Gift List work?

Gift Lists are a simple way for couples to pick gifts which they actually want which makes it easy for guests to buy wedding gifts which they know will be appreciated. All you need to do is:

    1. Pick the items you'd like on your gift list.
    2. Let your guests know where your gift list and wedding website are located.
    3. Nearer your wedding date we will confirm the payment arrangements with you.
You can view your gift list online and view which gifts have been purchased and who bought them. Once an item has been purchased it is removed from your gift list and cannot be purchased by another guest.

How do I add gifts to our Gift List?

It's easy to add gifts to your gift list. First, log in to your wedding and select 'Gift List' from the menu on the left-hand side. When a list of gifts is displayed you'll see the option at the bottom of each gift to add the item to your gift list - just enter the quantity of the gift which you would like. Click on 'add' and the gift will be added. Click on 'view your gift list' to see all the gifts on your list. You can add or remove gifts at any time, so you don't need to pick all your gifts at the same time.

When you're looking for gifts you can either use the search option or browse through categories by using the right-hand menu. Click next to the category you're interested in and you'll see all the gift options in that category.

How do I remove gifts from our Gift List?

To remove a gift from your gift list you need to log in and view your gift list. Go to the item which you want to remove, select '0' as the quantity required and select 'update'. You can add or remove gifts at any time.

Custom Gifts

If you would like to customise your gift list or add a special item you can request a custom gift online. You can automatically add gifts of money to your gift list which you can personalise with your own text and pictures. All you need to do is decide on your gift name, description, price and image and submit them online. For example, you could add custom gifts for specific trips on your honeymoon or let guests contribute money towards a special item.

To find out more or request a custom gift you need to log in, select 'Wedding Gift List' then select the option at the bottom of the middle section of the page.

Charity Gifts

With Nearly Married your gift list could be a charity list or it could have a mix of charity gifts as well as other gifts of money.

To add charity gift options to your gift list you need to log in to your wedding at Nearly Married, select 'Gift List' from the left-hand menu then select 'Charity Gifts' on the right-hand side and you'll see charity gifts in this section. You can then choose which charity gifts you prefer.

If you want to collect money to donate to your favourite charity or charities, just pick 'Charity Donation' and add as many vouchers as you like - and you can add more to your list to replace the ones which your guests purchase. We recommend that you add some info to your free wedding website at Nearly Married (either on your homepage or set up a new page) to let your guests know which charity or charities you are making a donation to. Another option is to request a custom gift of money with your chosen charity in the gift title eg Donation to Cancer Research

If you've been collecting money for your preferred charity we will pay the money to you and you can then give it to the charity directly so that they can claim Gift Aid relief on the donation (which means that your gift becomes even more valuable to them).

Honeymoon Gift Lists

With Nearly Married you can have a honeymoon gift list or you can have a mix of money for your honeymoon and other gifts of money.

So, how does it work? You add honeymoon gifts to your gift list and your guests buy them for you. For example you may add a gift of 'Drinks by the pool' costing £25. Each gift is simply a gift of money so we collect the money for your honeymoon on your behalf and pay the money to you so that you can spend it as you wish - we will not book your honeymoon or arrange any of the specific honeymoon gifts which guests give to you.

Instead of asking for money, we recommend that you select specific honeymoon gifts. So if you want £50 towards your honeymoon you could ask for a 'Honeymoon Donation' of £50, but it's better to pick specific honeymoon gifts valued at £50 such as the 'Safari Trip'. In our experience, guests prefer to know what their money is being spent on - and it's a great talking point too. Your honeymoon gift list can be customised towards your trip. So if you're planning to do lots of watersports you could add the 'Scuba diving', 'Snorkelling' and 'Watersports' gift options.

To add honeymoon gift options to your gift list you need to log in to your wedding at Nearly Married, select 'Gift List' from the left-hand menu then select 'honeymoon gifts from the menu on the menu on the right-hand side. You can add as many honeymoon vouchers to your list as you want - and you can add more to your list to replace the ones which your guests purchase.

You can also add your own specific honeymoon gifts. All you need to do is pick a gift name, description and price and your new gift can then be added to your gift list. And to really personalise it you can even add your own pictures! To add custom gifts you need to log in to your wedding, select 'wedding gift list' from the top of the menu on the left-hand side then select the option at the bottom of the middle section of the page.

People always want to hear about honeymoons and your free wedding website with Nearly Married is a great place to tell them all about it. Why not add a page about your honeymoon - you could upload a couple of pictures and tell them all about it?

If you've received monetary donations (either general monetary donations or any type of honeymoon donation) we will normally pay this to you when your gift list is closed. Further payments may be made if requested which may be subject to a handling fee (for more information please see our Terms & Conditions for Couples). We prefer to pay money directly in to your nominated bank account. If you would prefer to receive a cheque we can arrange this for you.

Gifts of Money

Your gift list can exclusively ask for monetary donations, or if you wish you can also include other types of gifts. You'll find the option of 'money gifts' on the right-hand menu. Simply add as many vouchers as you like - you can add more to your list to replace the ones which your guests purchase. We recommend that you should also add a picture and some information to your wedding website about what you're hoping to use the money for. You could add this to your homepage or on a separate page as guests like to know how their gift is being used.

Alternatively, if you're looking for money towards a special item, why not add this as a custom gift? For example, if you're looking for a new piano you can add a picture of the piano and your guests will know exactly how their gift will be spent. To add custom gifts you need to log in to your wedding, select 'wedding gift list' from the top of the menu on the left-hand side then select the option at the bottom of the middle section of the page.

If you're looking for money for your honeymoon please see our section about Honeymoon Gift Lists (above).

How many items should I include on my list?

There are no set rules about exactly how many items you should have on your gift list or what the total value or your gifts should be as this will vary depending on how many guests you have. This information is intended to be a rough guide which you should adapt to suit your guests!

You should aim to have a couple of gifts on your list for every guest. It is always better to have more, rather than less, gifts on your list as guests usually prefer to have a choice of gifts to buy from. You may also find that people who are not invited to the wedding want to buy you a gift too, so your list should have enough gifts to allow for this.

Try to pick gifts of different values so that there is a good variety for guests. There are no set rules, but you'll find that the typical purchase is between £30 and £75 with some guests spending more, particularly if they club together. You may also find that guests who are closer to you will spend more on a gift.

Don't worry about including expensive gifts on your list as these are great gift choices for families or groups of friends or colleagues who often prefer to club together to buy a bigger gift rather than a number of smaller gifts.

Less expensive gifts are also popular with guests who want to add something extra to their main gift if they have a specific amount of money which they would like to spend.

As guests purchase gifts from your gift list it's a good idea to review your list and make sure that there are still plenty of gift choices for other guests.

Is it rude to have expensive items on my gift list?

Guests often surprise couples by their generosity, so even if you think an item is expensive don't be put off including it in your list. Often groups of guests will club together to purchase an expensive item.

What's the most likely price range which people will spend on a gift?

Individual guests and couples are likely to buy items in the popular £30 - £75 price range. However, closer relatives may surprise you with their generosity, and groups of people might club together to buy an expensive gift, so make sure there are a range of price options to suit everyone.

Set gifts as your favourites

Not all gifts are created equal! There may be some gifts which you need more than others, so let your guests know this by highlighting them as favourites on your gift list. This will encourage your guests to purchase these items first. When you're looking at your list you'll see the option beside each gift to mark it as a favourite.

Select whether or not to receive automatic email notification of gift purchases.

You can choose whether or not you'd like us to automatically notify you by email of every gift which is purchased from your gift list. To change this setting you need to log in to your wedding hub and select "Edit Gift List Settings".

Gift List Top Tips!

  • You can view your list, add to it, delete items, or change quantities - whenever you want - so don't panic about getting your list right first time.
  • Check your gift list from time to time as you might have to add more items. You might find that a lot of purchases are made within two weeks of invitations being sent, then a couple of weeks before your wedding.
  • Don't feel obliged to make every item on your list something practical - this is a good chance to add something extravagant!
  • Inject some humour to your list with an outrageous gift like a posh yacht or a private island (but don't worry, your guests won't really be able to buy them!)
  • Stressing out about your list? Don't! Remember, it's supposed to be fun!

    Flexible Charges

    As there are costs involved in processing gifts of money we have to charge a Money Fee for every gift of money. By default, this will be deducted from the value of gift list funds paid to you. Under our flexible fee scheme you can choose whether this is paid by your guests or shared between you and your guests instead.

    It’s easy to request a change to the fee settings for your gifts of money. All you have to do is log in to your wedding, select ‘edit gift list settings’ and select your preferred option in the ‘Request Flexible Fees for Gifts of Money’ section. We will notify you by email when your fee settings have been changed.

    Viewing your gift list

    You can manage your gift list online by logging in to Nearly Married and selecting 'view your gift list' from the menu on the right-hand side. To see what your gift list looks like to a guest, select 'View Website' from the menu on the left-hand side. If there are gifts on your gift list, you'll also be able to view your gift list.

    Alternatively you can go to the Nearly Married homepage and find your wedding as a guest by entering a surname and wedding date.

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