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Nearly Married Wedding List Service
Nearly Married: Wedding Gift List Service
Nearly Married Gift Lists and Honeymoon Gift Lists

Honeymoon Gift Lists

A honeymoon gift list is a great way to let you have the honeymoon of your dreams! With Nearly Married your entire gift list can consist of honeymoon gifts or you can mix honeymoon gifts with other gifts of money.

We've got a wide range of honeymoon gift options (see below), but you can also customise your gift list to match your honeymoon! For example, if you would like to ask for money towards a guided tour of the Sydney Opera House you can add a custom gift with your own choice of gift name, description, value and picture. There's no extra charge for this service and your honeymoon gifts are added automatically and immediately.

How does a honeymoon list work?

Honeymoon gifts are simply a gift of money so we collect the money for your honeymoon on your behalf and pay the money to you so that you can spend it as you wish - we will not book your honeymoon or arrange any of the specific honeymoon gifts which guests give to you. Your money can be paid directly in to your nominated bank account or we can send you a cheque.

A Money Fee applies to gifts of money which is deducted from your final amount raised. Under our flexible fee scheme you can choose whether this is paid by your guests or shared between you and your guests instead. Please see our Terms & Conditions for couples for current charges.

If you're not sure about asking for money as a wedding gift, why not take a look at our tips and advice on how to ask for money as a wedding gift.

Add other gifts too - not just honeymoon gifts

We're different from most honeymoon gift list providers because we don't just offer honeymoon gifts. You can add other gifts of money - whether it's gifts which you can use on your honeymoon or other gifts which are nothing to do with your honeymoon!

Why not consider asking for money towards:

  • luggage to use on your honeymoon
  • travel books & accessories
  • a year's subscription to a travel magazine
  • carbon offsets for your honeymoon flights

    See what a honeymoon gift list looks like

    To view a honeymoon gift list please follow the link - and remember you can add your own pictures and website pages to create your unique wedding website.

    Other gift list features

    Our gift list service offers a range of other great features including your own free wedding website. Why not take a look at some examples of what your free wedding website pages coud look like, see what people are saying about Nearly Married or find out more about our wedding gift list service. There’s no obligation and you can register for free.

    Standard honeymoon gift options

    Below is a small selection of some standard honeymoon gifts. Our full collection is available to registered couples - but you can add whatever you want!

    Honeymoon gift list ideas - drinks by the pool Drinks by the pool
    Enjoy some drinks while you lounge by the pool on your honeymoon.
    Honeymoon gift list ideas - flowers in your room on honeymoon Flowers in your room
    Enjoy a bouquet of flowers in your room while you are on honeymoon.
    Honeymoon giftlist ideas - champagne for two on your honeymoon Champagne for two
    Why not enjoy a chilled bottle of champagne for two on your honeymoon?
    Honeymoon list ideas - money for your honeymoon Honeymoon Donation
    Why not ask for a financial contribution towards your honeymoon?
    Honeymoon giftlist ideas - honeymoon spa treatment Spa Treatment
    Relax on your honeymoon with a luxurious spa treatment.
    Honeymoon list ideas - romantic meal for two on honeymoon Romantic meal for two on honeymoon
    On your honeymoon, why not enjoy a romantic meal for two?

    Personalised honeymoon gift options

    Here's an example of a personalised honeymoon gift. You can add as many of these gifts as you want - and there is no charge for this.
    Honeymoon giftlist ideas - personalised honeymoon gift Parasol and sun lounger hire on Marari beach for 5 days
    A small fishing village in Kerala, Mararikulam gives its name to the Marari Beach Resort. The way of life here has hardly changed in hundreds of years as the fishermen go out daily to hunt while the women look after the domestic chores.

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