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Nearly Married: Wedding Gift List Service
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Wedding Guest Etiquette

If you've never been invited to a wedding in the UK before this quick etiquette guide will keep you right!

  • Reply promptly when your wedding invitation arrives. Delays in replying can make it difficult for the couple to finalise numbers. If you have specific food sensitivities this can be mentioned in your reply. If you receive your invitation by post you should reply by post unless an email address is included under the RSVP.

  • Only those people mentioned on the invite are invited - don't bring any uninvited guests.

  • If in doubt, dress smart and avoid wearing white.

  • Ladies wearing hats should take their hats off if the mother of the bride does so during the meal.

  • Arrive in plenty of time, allowing time to find the location, park the car etc . The timings for each part of the wedding day will have been carefully made. If guests are late this can postpone when the ceremony starts which can have a knock-on effect for the rest of the day

  • If you buy a wedding gift from the couple's gift list at Nearly Married you know that you've bought them something which they want. Your gift to them will be delivered to them on a date which they've chosen so you don't need to worry about taking a gift to the wedding and wondering if they'll receive it and know who it's from!

  • If you've been invited to the wedding but are unable to attend, the correct etiquette is to send a wedding gift.
  • wedding gift lists as unique as you are!

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